The quest for oven racks

microwave (Jodi) Our RV came with a convection/microwave oven.  I’ve never used a convection oven, so I went online to learn more about it.  Janet Sadlack has produced some great videos on how to use this ‘new to me’ equipment at  After watching her video’s I learned that my oven is missing its oven racks.  Should be an easy replace…. not so much.

Sharp oven racksAfter hours of searching, I was able to find only two places online that sold the racks – Janet’s site is selling them for $25 a piece – I need two and the other site was selling each for $28.  $50 is totally out of my budget – so my quest continued.

I tracked down some steam trays that were similar – but wasn’t able to find two that would stack like the Sharps do.  Finally I found the solution.

Ebay racksI went on ebay and found a used table top convection/turbo oven.  Turns out they use the same oven rack.  I bought one for $25 and had them ship (free) only the racks.  Still outrageous for a pair of wire racks, but they are exactly what I need.  I probably could have looked at the Salvation Army, but I was done with looking after spending 5+ hours on the computer.

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