What makes Facebook so addicting?

facebook(Jodi) Facebook is a great idea – in theory and I joined whole hardheartedly a couple years ago.

It was so fun to find people from high school that I hadn’t spoken with in 15 years. See the adult they turned into and the paths they chose.

When I asked my then teenage children “what did you do last night?” and got the usual response… “nothing.” – Facebook told the real story…of the wild party; the kiss with the boy; the status update “in a relationship”.

I had an in-home daycare and I used Facebook to post pictures and updates of the children.  It was a wonderful tool.

evil facebookBut there is an evil side to Facebook.

First, its addicting.  A quick five minutes turns into hours.

I was turning into a spy. Once a quick glance at my kids activities was turning into detective work.  “who is that boy… lets find out…”

Drama!  Some people use Facebook as a tool to communicate displeasure at others.  Things are said that someone wouldn’t dream of saying in person.

No longer was I leaving the computer filled with happiness.  I would leave seething, tired, ‘computer-ed OUT’ having sat there for hours.  Not one to do anything in moderation, my solution… delete the darn account.  Worked GREAT…. for a few months.

Like sneaking a cigarette after you quit smoking… I’d sign-on to Kenny’s account, just to get a peek.  Yesterday, while sitting at the computer I started to feel nauseous.  It was then I realized I had been there for three hours…. on Facebook!

“Hi.  My name is Jodi.  I am a Facebook addict.  It has been twelve hours since I had my fix.”

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