I’m how old?

memory loss old lady(Jodi) Kenny’s birthday is Saturday and mine is coming up.  Age is on my mind.

I am 42 years old – born March 24, 1971.

I was 20 when Adrianne was born 21 years ago.

I am 7 years younger than my 48 year old husband. 

If you have done the obvious math…. I’m NOT 42 – I’m 41.

At one point I must have been 41 in my head, right?  At some point during this past year I seem to have added a year to my life. What women in their right mind adds years to their age?

How did this happen?  At what point do you forget how old you are? Was the year so bad I subconsciously decided to just fast forward?  I thought it was a very good year.

I have two co-workers who are 41 and 42.  They make fun of me because I am older than they are.  Guess what? Turns out I’m the young one!  

homerIts not like I can go back now and say….

Ummm…. apparently I don’t know how old I am. 

What a dingbat!  I certainly don’t even deserve the title of being the youngest since my memory is obviously worse than most senior citizens.

On the bright side…. I won’t be turning 43 this year.  I’ll be 42…. AGAIN!

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2 thoughts on “I’m how old?

  1. Jeri Lynn

    So how old am I??? If we take 2 years and add it to you, then… well, no, I guess it depends what month it is.

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