Not my mothers recipe book

index(Jodi) When I was in school and even as a young adult I loved to look through cookbooks and try different recipes. Back in the olden days…back before the Internet (or at least when 14K dial-up was lightning fast).

I don’t look through cookbooks anymore, in fact I got rid of all of mine when we sold the house.

binderI use this 3-ring binder that has all of the recipes that I like and all the ones I’d like to try.  Some of these were favorites that I tore out of different cookbooks, some I got from magazines.  They all go into the book, then I add notes about how it worked, substitutions I’ve made.   If we didn’t like it it goes into the trash.   Most of them come from the internet though.  http:// how did I get along without you.

Why try a recipe that some lady in church group liked – when you can try one that has 5 stars rated by 3500 people?  Now that’s a good recipe!

I told Kenny I’d bake him chocolate chip cookies for Valentines Day/BDay.  These are his favorite.  At Christmas, when I will make him any cookie on the planet – he wants plain, simple chocolate chip cookies.  So I went straight to my cookbook binder and I couldn’t find a recipe that looked good.  No problem – allrecipes to the rescue.  Minutes later I have in my hand the print out of “Best Chocolate Chip Cookies” 4 1/2 stars rated by 4853 people.  Can’t go wrong!  Wrong…..

I’ve always gotta mess.  I’ve gotta tweek.

Butter?  I bet ‘Butter Flavored Crisco’ would be better.

2 tsp vanilla?  Oh that’s not enough.

‘”Cream until light and fluffy” – why isn’t it fluffing?  Oh yeah…. I didn’t use butter.  Well on the Crisco package there is a cookie recipe that adds milk to help cream it – lets add milk.

Salt?  I don’t need salt.

Walnuts?  Don’t have any – skip it.

2 cups chips… oh that’s too many, what will I nibble on later?

Drop by rounded teaspoon full…. oh please… more like rounded Tablespoon.


4 1/2 stars my ass… these things aren’t salty enough, they taste greasy, why did they poof so much….  Oh it’s a good thing my husband loves me.  And will eat anything.

Maybe next time I’ll follow the recipe… probably not.

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One thought on “Not my mothers recipe book

  1. Jeri Lynn

    So true! I just snorted out loud laughing.

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