Visit with my sister

Family Christmas is at my sister Lynn’s most years (Jeri Lynn for those of you post-1979). This year was no exception but it was kind of a weird one.  Not many people came and everyone left super early.  Driving home I realized I hadn’t had a chance to talk to my sister all night.

Since I moved to Austintown in 2006 she and I are an hour an a half away, and I’ve been horrible about visiting.  So I left Kenny and drove up to spend a few nights.

Lynn and boys

Jeri Lynn, Joshua and Jacob

Friday the boys were home and it was nice to be able to spend some time with thewords with friendsm.  We played Word with Friends and Jacob beat the pants off me.  Josh came to the rescue of Lynn a couple times Smile.  But basically I got creamed.  I just can’t believe how grown up they’ve gotten.


Saturday, Lynn made pancakes before they boys left for their dads.  Then we headed for the thrift stores… in a snow storm. lynn driving

My sister is the worlds worst driver.  She will talk on the phone, put on makeup, turn around to check on the kids, make everyone in the car a sandwich, all while driving in rush hour traffic and passing cars on the freeway.  She scares me to death!

snow stormBut she doesn’t mind driving in blizzards and I do, so I was not going to argue with who drove.  And blizzards in North East Ohio are nothing to sneeze about.

Our afternoon of shopping turned into an all day affair and we got some great deals.  But best of all it we got to spend some nice alone time together, something we haven’t done in years.

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2 thoughts on “Visit with my sister

  1. Jeri Lynn

    Those are some good looking kids!!! It was a great day and long over due. What kind of cheese do you want on your sandwich?

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