Applying for a job a year in advance

help wanted 2This path we are taking, full-time RV’ing, has many differences from that of living life in one location.  One of them is when we apply for jobs.

The plan is that we will work seasonal jobs – the main season being spring/summer, usually from April/May thru Sept/Oct.  visitor centerMost campgrounds, tourist areas, amusement parks, national, state, local parks, etc. hire for this summer season.  The employee has a specific start and end date with no other commitment for future employment.

Basically we decide where we are going to be/want to be for the season and we locate seasonal jobs based on that.  disney landThere are also places that hire for winter work; xmas holiday work; agricultural season work; temp jobs ie: subbing for someone’s maternity leave or illness, a special project, day work, Nascar races, festival/fair etc. etc. etc.

For us, having a good, dependable, full-time Spring/Summer job lined up is absolutely necessary for this lifestyle to work.  So far it seems to be easier than finding a traditional full-time job.

wkn logoThere is a wonderful company Workamper News that advertise job openings for this type of employment.  While there are many ways to find seasonal/temp jobs – thus far Workamper News is our favorite.

But a year in advance….. well not always that far out..

It seems that companies begin looking for the next season just as the old current season finishes up.  We begin to see summer job postings as early as Oct, Nov, Dec.  The national parks seem to begin looking at new hires in Jan for the upcoming year.  There are companies that will hire up through season opening though.  Amazon has started their hiring process for next Christmas season.

grand tetonWe obtained our first summer job for this June in November.  Its comforting to know that we have it lined up.

oregon lighthouseWe are currently working on trying to get a volunteer position at a lighthouse on the Oregon coast for the months of Jan, Feb, March of 2014.  Hopefully we will hear something soon.  Its volunteer, but they would pay for our campsite, utilities, etc.  We are keeping our fingers crossed.  It would be amazing to watch the wales migrate or watch a winter storm from a lighthouse.  Best seat in the house.

Anyway – applying for a job so far in advance is a strange concept but much appreciated in my opinion.  This is a lifestyle with lots of variables and uncertainties so its nice to have something lined up.

But life – taken in any form – is full of uncertainties.  It happens every day that someone loses their job without warning, that illness strikes, that finances take a nose dive, the car breaks, someone dies.  Life happens in every city, small town, country estate or even in an RV.


So what if we fail?  Could it even be counted as failing?  If a bad turn happens in a “normal” house – is it considered failing?  What do you do when it happens?  You get back off your butt and keep going.

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