Standing in wait

waiting(Jodi) We are at a moment of wait in our lives and it is a weird feeling.  I don’t do slow very well and I will be happy when this moment passes.

For years I felt, as the bumper sticker says,

Stuck in ohio“Stuck in Ohio”, but I always made the most of it.  I’ve seen just about everything the area has to offer.  While our blog seems very boring at the moment, don’t think there is nothing to do.  North East Ohio really is an amazing place.

Cleveland and Pittsburg and both only 1.5 hours away.

Cleveland skylinePitt skyline


Even Amish country…

Middlefield Ohio Amish

My boredom is my own fault – no excuses except that I’m not in the mood.  I’ve been to them all – done it all.  After 41 (got it right!) years, I’m just ready to move on.

What will be funny (or not) is, after seeing the country in search of our new hometown, if we were to end up back in NE Ohio.  In all honesty, I have traveled quite a bit around the Eastern US – PA, NY, SC, GA, FL, MA… I still think that North East Ohio is the most beautiful.  It has been the only place that feels like home.  We shall see.


So if you are just now checking us out – things should get more interesting around about April.  The big move date…. April 1 (funny ha?) – but that will to my dad and step-moms in Smithville, Ohio, for a few days.  Then to Florida to meet our brand new grand-daughter Aubrey; then its into the great unknown until we reach Colorado in mid-May.

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One thought on “Standing in wait

  1. Thank you for following us. Ohio is on our list and we will check out your links to do in Ohio.

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