Saying goodbye is bittersweet

(Jodi) A year has gone by very quickly in hind-sight, though my back may disagree. Today was my last day at Bottom Dollar Food in Youngstown.

We aren’t leaving Youngstown until March 31, but I have a small surgery scheduled for this Monday and I won’t be able to lift anything for a few weeks.  So it is adios to the grocery store and I am now temporarily unemployed.

I met so many wonderful people whom I’m going to miss very much.  I started to take pictures of everyone but I was using my phone and they just were not coming out – so I gave up.  Note to self…. buy a decent, lightweight camera.

For those of us who have to work for a living, when you can do it with fun and friendly people, going in for the day is a pleasure (USUALLY).  Now when you have a grocery truck and perishable truck coming in on the same morning – and you have to skip your break and/or lunch so that you can get it all where it needs to go…well…. those are the days that without great co-workers you could just up and walk out the door and not bat an eyelash.  Not gonna lie…. many days like that at Bottom Dollar.  But I’d do it again in a minute.


So my wonderful friend and freezer partner Jackie brought me in a card and a cute cake with cupcakes surrounding it. Thank you so much! She got them at Sam’s Club and which were made by another great person and co-worker Brandi.  Busy girl – working at Sam’s and Bottom Dollar – she is also the person taking over my job (she had been working as a cashier).  I’m sure she will be great.

Now before I let anyone take any cupcakes, I took a picture of them with my phone…. which I apparently did not save because I can’t find it.  But trust me — they were beautiful…. and delicious!!!!!!

People kept asking me “are you going to miss it here?”  Yes.  I am going to miss it and the people very much.

coldThough it will be very nice to not be cold all the time – sometimes only a bath when I get home will take off the chill and thaw me to the point of full functioning again.

accident proneIt will be nice not to be covered in black and blue marks and it will be nice to have my toenails a normal color again, instead of purple from when they got run over by a pallet jack.

It will also be nice not to have the constant companion of bandaids from when I cut myself with the box cutter or smash my knuckles on the metal racks in the cooler….. can you tell I’m a bit accident prone?

Even with all that – I can honestly say working at Bottom Dollar Food was one of my best working experiences.  And that is saying a lot because I have had an awful lot of different jobs in my time.

And Larry…. thank you again for the great recommendation… because we just found out that we GOT THE JOB!! We will be volunteers at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport, Oregon this coming January, February and March.  So excited!  goodbye

Take care everyone and I hope you keep in touch.  Send me an email, give me a call, stop and see us on our travels and thank you all for a great year.

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