UPDATE…..Applying for a job a year in advance

(Ken)  Updating the previous post that Jodi authored in regards to Applying for a job a year in advance; we have confirmed positions and start dates!  Starting June 1, 2013 (Confirmed, Nov. 2012) Jodi and I will be employed at Luton’s Teton Cabins Resort in Moran, Wyoming through the summer, and ending on September 30, 2013.  Luton’s is located in the North West corner of Wyoming within the Grand Teton National Park and mere minutes away from Yellowstone National Park.  If you would like to take a look at the view we will have to see every morning over our morning coffee, check out their web site:   http://tetoncabins.com/

copy-cropped-teton-view.jpg Luton Cabins location-of-cabins teton-view

With a short turn around, we are scheduled to be in Fernley, Nevada the first week of October 2013 for jobs with Amazon.com.  We were officially hired for this job last week (March 22, 2013) and will be employed till December 23, 2013 unless released earlier by Amazon.com due to a slow holiday sales season.  The job will consist of either unloading trucks, stocking shelves, picking customer orders or shipping.  Here is a site with a little bit of Fernley, Nevada history and how Amazon.com came to be:   http://ponyexpressnevada.com/pony-express-fernley.html

Fernley_nevada Amazon Fernley

Finally, and I really think Jodi’s most anticipated employment venture, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse just outside of Newport, Oregon.  On the shores of the Northern Pacific Ocean may not sound appealing to some, but the opportunity to be Lighthouse Keepers/Tour Guides at a historic lighthouse sounds exciting to us.  We are scheduled to start the first week of January and the job will run through the end of March, 2014.  More information and background can be found at:   http://www.nwcoast.com/lighthouses/oregon/yaquinahead.asp

yaquina_head__lighthouse Yaquina-Head-lighhouse-8x6.jpg YaquinaHeadLighthouse-1

From the day we embark on our adventure, we are assured that we have secured employment for one full year.  What’s really nice about the whole process is the first and third jobs we have lined up contacted us.  Through the use of WorKamper News, Jodi posted our resumes 6 – 8 prior to the start date of when we were looking and they called.  We have actually had to turn jobs down because we had already committed to other jobs.  So if anyone says they cannot find work, they are simply lazy!  What I find astonishing is the fact the jobs pay well better than minimum wage in areas where the cost of living is much less than NE Ohio.


Now that we have our employment secured for a full year, Jodi and I can enjoy the next 60 days visiting family and meeting new grandchildren without worrying about work.  When we get to Grand Teton in June, maybe we can sit down and start looking for spring/summer 2014 jobs.

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