Thank You – Home Depot


(Ken)  I just wanted to take a moment to thank The Home Depot for not only helping us make our dreams a reality, but also for making our last year here a memorable one.  Being employed by The Home Depot is an experience in its own right; but being employed at “The Boardman, Home Depot” is quite another!

Not that being an Associate in the Boardman store is really any different from any other Home Depot, its the family atmosphere (though dysfunctional at times) that makes it different from the others.  I know people who work for Home Depot in other locations, both in this region and across the country; but the Boardman, OH. store has something just a little bit different.

The job itself is strenuous, as I am sure it is at every location, but the ‘willingness’ to help a fellow associate here is something unique.  Granted, no work place is without its problems, but I never failed to see another associate ‘help’ when asked.  I’ve also experienced associates bitch and moan in detail about something and stop to help another associate lift a heavy box as they walked away!  Other stores I’ve visited, or heard about – this is something that just doesn’t happen.

I was asked on numerous occasions why I was so happy all the time.  Other than being a happy person in general, I think the atmosphere at the Boardman store brought it out even more.  Sure my feet hurt from walking the concrete and my knees and back ached from climbing the ladders with heavy boxes; but I always happy when walked through the doors, both before and after my shift.

Home Depot

There were however a few associates that helped make my experience at the Boardman Home Depot memorable, and I would like to acknowledge them:

Cliff – Thank you for showing us ‘newbies’ the ropes.  You never failed to show us the ‘right’ way to do the job.  I, for one, am grateful that you never candy coated anything and always explained ‘why’ when it was necessary.  Thank you, sir.

Jason B:  Thank you for constantly badgering me, Coach; I probably would have been your friend even if you didn’t pay me!

Roger:  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and ideas; both of which will remain with me always.  Being taken under the wing of Santa was something I thought would never happen, but I hope I am a better person for it.

Ellery:  Thank you for showing patience with me through all of the questions.  I would not have been able to cut it in the Electrical Dept. without your knowledge and experience.

Lois:  Thank you for always being calm and the voice of reason.  You never failed to point out the positive side of any situation.

Holly:  Thank you for your infectious laugh and never failing ask to lift the heavy stuff!

Buddy and Darlene:  Thank you for the opportunity and the flexibility with the schedule.  I am sure there is method to your madness, maybe one day after you retire…… can enlighten me!

THank You      Homer

I would like to thank each of you individually, but the internet just isn’t that large!?  So, I thank all of you, my fellow Home Depot Associates, for a wonderful year and a work experience I will never forget.


Ken H

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