Hitting the Road!

(Ken) We finally did it; loaded everything we owned into our motorhome and hit the open road! It’s taken us just over a year to reach our goal, but be have achieved it with high expectations and one hell of a sense of adventure! Jodi and I have worked hard to make this happen and now we get to enjoy the spoils of our labor. So, on Saturday, March 30, 2013 we started the engine and rolled on down the road!

PilotAfter a quick pit stop at the local Pilot to fill the tank and get our total weight we would be off!  After the $160.00 in the tank, one of MY largest fears was the weight.  We loaded a lot of ‘stuff’ into the motorhome and some extras to be delivered and I didn’t want the adventure to end the first day.  Maximum allowable combined weight for the motorhome and towed vehicle: 26,000 lbs.  Drum roll please;…….we weighed in at 26,180 lbs.  Honestly, I don’t think we could have come that close if we would have weighed everything individually as we put it in.

76-80 SignKnowing we were going to be off-loading a few large items at the first stop and Jodi and I wanting to lose a few extra pounds anyway, we double checked the air in the tires and decided to push on! It was about 3:00 P.M. with the sun shining bright, what else could we have asked for?  First stop would be Smithville, OH. to drop some heavy items at Jodi’s dads place and to have a few upgrades done to the motorhome.

We decided to stop at the rest area about 30 miles down I-76 to double-check everything.  With everything good – tie downs on the car, air in the tires of the RV and tow dolly, we were back on the interstate!

Travelling at the warp speed of 60 MPH for a number of reasons: #1. Safety – driving 13 tons down the highway just doesn’t seem easy to stop on a dime; #2. Save fuel – it isn’t getting any cheaper; and #3. Calculating time – when traveling one mile every minute, makes it real easy to figure out how long it takes to go 100 miles!  Contrary to other driving styles and the habits of others, we still made the trip to Smithville, OH. in just about 70 minutes.

Smithville Sign We arrived just after 4:00 P.M. and had all the disconnecting, levelling and hook-ups completed by 5:00.  I was time to let the relaxation begin!  Hardly…the inside of the motorhome was stacked high with boxes and stuff that needed to be put away.  We had a nice dinner with Ken & Ann before returning to the RV to try to find the bed!

About 3 minutes later we were down for the count!  We woke in the wee hours of Easter Sunday and continued where we left off.  We have tackled a lot of the boxes and most everything has found a space (after making multiple donations to Ken and Ann’s ‘Wayne County Flea Market’).  We will keep you posted and take pictures when we are done!  Until next time………..



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