Think we are getting the hang of this

(Jodi) We have been at my dad’s house for the past seven days (we leave in a couple hours for Stone Mountain State Park, NC).

I’ve lived my life as the typical spoiled American. I’ve never wanted for the basic “essentials”.  Water, electricity, sewage…. turn a knob, flip a switch, flush a toilet.  Sure, I did what I thought was a good job at being conservative. I turned off the water when I brushed my teeth, turned off the lights as I left the room.  But it was really half-hearted, because I knew there was always more (and I’d turn around and take a 30 minute shower).

Not any more!

We have 30 amps here at my dads.  Go over and you will pop a breaker.  I know because poor Kenny had to go out in the cold the first day when I did it.  I never knew about amps – watts… bla bla bla… still don’t know too much about it, but at least I haven’t blown another fuse.

Here’s how it works for those of you not familiar. (in very basic terms because every time Kenny tried to explain it to me I cover my ears and go “la la la”.

Lights = 1 amp

WiFi Modem = 1 amp

Computer = 1 amp

Water Pump = 2 amps

Hot water heater = 10 amps

Microwave = 13 amps

Coffee maker = 8 amps

Space heater = 12 amps

So you go about your morning and lets say your on you’re the computer, on the internet (modem), with the lights on (30 amps – 3 amps = 27 amps available).  Its cold and you ran out of propane (OK I didn’t say we TOTALLY got the hang of it YET), so you turn on the space heater (27 amps – 12 amps = 15 amps).  Still good.

Coffee – got to have coffee. (15amps – 8 amps = 7 amps).  No Problem!!!

Just don’t flush the toilet else…boom… fuse blown.  Water pump went on.

The numbers above fluctuate as you use them, so while the microwave may use 13 amps, it will have a spike where it might be 15 amps, or go down to 11 amps.  You have to give your self a buffer.  While we have 30 amps, if I stay under say 24 amps I know I’ll be ok.

So things I’ve learned…..

Space Heater and Coffee Maker don’t mix – turn off heater, make coffee, then put finished coffee into a thermos – THEN turn back on heater.

Microwave and hot water heater don’t mix – don’t use the microwave if someone is taking a shower.

Anyway, you get the picture.  Our RV has the ability for 50 amps and we will be staying at our first campground that provides 50 when we go to Savanna in a few days.

But how spoiled are we…. using examples of microwaves, drip coffee makers, hot water heaters – when so many people don’t even have running water.

Ken and I thankful every day we have never had to want for the basics and to be able to live this lifestyle.

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2 thoughts on “Think we are getting the hang of this

  1. Be prepared for my FAN!

  2. I don’t know….. that might put us over the top!!! You and that fan.. just like mom.

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