Reflections of a whirlwind visit


(Jodi) We have just left Hillsborough River State Park, on our way to Eglin Air Force Base – FamCamp Camp Robins, where we plan on staying for three days or so, depending how we like it, Its near Pensacola, FL. I’m looking forward to going to the beach, having been in Florida for over a week now,but haven’t been near a beach.

We were visiting with Amanda (daughter), Kevin (son-in-law), Makayla (grand-daughter 2 1/2), Aubrey (grand-daughter 3 months) who live in Wesley Chapel and Kenny (son) who lives in Port Richey, FL.

We didn’t have internet at the campsite, but they had it at the pool side café. There were nice tables inside and out and they didn’t mind us setting up the laptop and sitting there for a few hours – mooching the Wi-Fi.


But it was horribly slow, and by the time Ken looked at his email and I looked at mine, I was DONE with technology. (so no blog updates)

Of course Amanda has wireless at her house, but when you have two beautiful grand-babies to play with, and only a few days, you don’t want to waste it on the computer.

We got there late Sunday, April 14 and were able to squeeze in a short hello visit with Amanda and family.  IMG_3370

The last we were here Makayla was a new-born and sweet Aubrey wasn’t even a figment of mom’s imagination. She is so grown up now.  Beautiful and so smart!  It took her about 5 minutes to get over any shyness and was all over us. IMG_3376

Aubrey is at the typical three-month old “if your not my mom don’t come near me or I’ll scream like you pinched me” phase – with a rare moment of “sure you can hold me as long as I don’t see your face.” (or when she’s sleeping)…  But she is a beautiful baby – so happy.IMG_3375

Monday Ken and I did a much-needed grocery shopping. Later Kenny went and had dinner with the kids while I stayed home slept off some medicine.  I’m lucky enough to take one of those medications like you see on TV that tell you how great it is then have 5 minutes of…” may cause drowsiness, loss of breath, dizziness, may cause you to walk sideways,  your toenails may fall off, your hair may turn purple, and you may DIE! Luckily my only side effect is I want to sleep for about 36 hours after I take my once a week dose…than I’m great the rest of the week.

Tuesday  We picked up Kenny (Kenny-kid,little Kenny – depending on the side of the family….though Kenny is not little and not a kid anymore, as we are here to celebrate his 23 birthday on Thursday.)  He stayed with us in the RV for a few days.  We have another vote that our pull-out couch pretty much SUCKS!  Gotta do something about that. We went to Tarpon Springs (lame) then the other kids met up with us and we (Kenny) cooked up hamburgers and we had smores (fun).IMG_3399


Wednesday Amanda’s day off we had a full day and grandma was EXHAUSTED when we were done. First per Makayla’s request we went to Monkey Bizness – an indoor play area (think Discovery Zone minus the ball pit, but throw in some bounce houses). Even Grandpa and Grandma got in. Not quite so nimble and quick anymore…..


Then we had a birthday lunch for Kenny at a Hibatchi restaurant. I had forgotten how hard it was to eat while holding a two-year old – there was more rice on me, her and the floor than there was in our mouths.  But how great is it when a beautiful little girls asks to sit on your lap. I’ll take it any day.


Then back to Hillsborough River State Park (LOVED IT!) for a hike through the woods (We saw an owl – so cool) then hotdogs over the fire – how they are best… cooked on a stick!




Thursday  Ken and Kenny went Kayaking.  Kenny’s boat sunk half way through. Good thing the river was shallow cause he had to dump out the water to make it back.  Later we took him back home so he could celebrate his birthday with his friends.  Even though they are grown and haven’t lived with you for years, do you ever stop worrying about your kids? I don’t think so.  It’s hard to say goodbye.IMG_3564

Friday we rested….. ahhhh…. until evening when we met the kids at their community pool for Chinese food and swimming.



And then the inevitable.  Every visit must come to an end. I held my tears till we pulled away.  Sad smile

And for anyone interested….. Here are more pictures.

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One thought on “Reflections of a whirlwind visit

  1. Amanda

    Love all the pictures! I miss you guys =)

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