Things I didn’t know about Florida

1. You won’t save $ at Winn-Dixie.

Oh Bottom Dollar I miss you……


Just in case you missed that…..


Yes you read correctly…. $3.99 for a  gallon of milk. And I complained about Giant Eagle.

2. Tarpon Springs kind of sucks

I have heard so much about Tarpon Springs and I had to go…see what it’s all about.  Ok – for its benefit, it was like 120 degrees the day we went and we didn’t take a boat tour because of the blaring sun.  Maybe that would have helped….. doubt it.  (we also ONLY visited the general tourist area surrounding the docks)

Gift shops, Greek restaurants, cheesy museums all with the same free movie on sponging made in the 1960’s – (probably video taped from the screen while it was playing on the original reel to reel – you can imagine the high quality of picture and sound!).  Ya know when you go to a medieval festival – or a carnival midway, and there more venders than visitors, and they are all hollarin…. “stop here….buy here…. eat here!!!!” you get the picture.


3.  The wildlife is so friendly – maybe not a good thing

The animals at Hillsborough River State Park are not afraid of people.  Walking through a picnic area (without food) I felt like the Pied Piper as a trail of little gray squirrels followed right behind (and in front of – and above us)  I was starting to worry they might take my grand daughters hostage until we gave them food.





At a campsite next to us a friendly raccoon stole a whole bag of groceries – the lady had to run after it – he got away a bag of napkins.  He came back for us. Not to be frightened away by lights, hollering children (“Don’t shoot him Grandpa!!!!  Daddy don’t hurt him!!!!) or things being thrown at him – he finally lost interest.


We were eyed suspiciously by a few very large birds.




4.  There are cows?  Lots of cows.

I’m not sure why I never thought about cows being in Florida – but there are a LOT of cows in Florida (at least around the Zypherhills area). But no barns?  Where do the poor things sleep?  I’m afraid these are not spoiled 4H cows.




5.  They do control burns here too

We came back from an outing and had a small moment of panic, for the front entrance of Hillsborough River State Park was on fire — many small fires.  Immediate thoughts were …. “you did get the insurance on the RV right?”  All was well as the fires were intentional— though I’m really not sure why its necessary.



6.  Alligators can be very elusive

I’d show you a picture…. but I don’t have any!  It must just be me, cause I’ve yet to see an alligator in its natural habitat.  A couple years ago we even went on an alligator boat tour in the Everglades – still didn’t see one.

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