Escapees Rainbow Plantation Sunnydale, Alabama


We had our first stay at an Escapees Club campground: Rainbow Plantation in Sunnydale, Alabama.

The Escapees Club, or (SKP) is a private camping group of RVers. We weren’t sure if the yearly membership would be worth it, (I think it was like $60) but after this stay, I think we will continue it  for the time being.

They have a lot of other benefits besides camping; and the group is a wealth of knowledge.  In fact I need to find some time and have one of those great women teach me how to use my convection/microwave because I sure as heck have not been able to figure it out on my own. Oh my gosh you should have seen some cupcakes I attempted to make… yuck.

Wanting to test out the new batteries and inverter, we chose to dry camp. For you non campers, this means to park the RV but not hook up to campground water, sewer, or electric. And it only cost us $5 a night….nice!!

We did have water though because our fresh water tank holds 75 gallons and they did have a spigot available at the RV Maintenance Barn we could use to refill when needed – for free! (And yes, a maintenance barn – just pull in and go to work; most tools provided!)  We have other holding tanks for the sewer too. Our electric came from our batteries. They did us well, lasting about 2 days before we had to charge them by running the generator for about an hour.

This was the the first opportunity to take full advantage of our RV being completely self contained. I liked it! And with campgrounds costing us between about $15 – 30/night; dry-camping (boon-docking) at campgrounds or on Government lands (where allowed) for free/very cheap, will really help out with the monthly “rent”.

Of course when we get to our summer work location our camping site won’t cost us anything, a perk of that job.

What our batteries won’t do is run our air conditioner. Thank goodness, even though we were in Alabama, it wasn’t very hot or humid until the morning we left. If we had been staying even an hour later you bet your butt I’d be hooking that baby up to electric quick as a lick. I don’t mind roughing it, but I don’t want to “Rough rough it”.

Anyway….Escapees….nice, friendly, clean park, laundry was only 75¢ to wash or dry…. I KNOW RIGHT!?, very big library with books, movies and puzzles; close to a ton of stuff to do.  We will be back, though probably not in the summer.

Oh yeah….and the best part….first thing after we checked in, Millie welcomed us home with a hug. Have to say I got a bit teary-eyed.


Being away from everyone we know, missing the kids, getting my hands on my granddaughters then having to say goodbye to them just a few days later… I haven’t totally gotten use to not having a home yet. I’m starting to feel as though the RV is home, but I’m not totally there yet. Any way, that hug from Millie just really made my day.

More about our visit to the Mobile, Alabama area later. I love the south!  Us Ohioans have a lot to learn about being polite – yes ma’am we do. Now it’s on to Fontainebleau State Park Louisiana -gonna check out the bayou….

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2 thoughts on “Escapees Rainbow Plantation Sunnydale, Alabama

  1. I’m guessing the batteries do not run your microwave either? 🙂 Sounds like you guys are doing well so far and having fun!

    • Thanks Tricia, and you are absolutely correct to a point. We could use the microwave, but it would zap the batteries very quick. Would rather break out the grill anyways!

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