One Project After Another

(Ken) May 9, 2013  I’ve heard it over and over and read it a thousand times already – ‘The best thing, and the worse thing I ever did was to buy an RV!’  My initial thought was rubbish, how bad can it really be?  Well, put your house on wheels and drive it on the back roads through the mountains of West Virginia, then give me a call!

I have found that everything comes loose, even things that were welded together so they would stay put.  It’s a constant battle to tighten things that could never loosen and to come up with a better way to make that work even better…so I don’t have to retighten it every time I stop.

This is a task, after only a month of full-timing, that I have reserved myself to understand that I will never overtake nor master; because there is always something.  When you move your home regularly, something will eventually drip, need fixed or outright need replaced!

In the last 6 months, I have changed oil and filters in two engines with the next round on the horizon; replaced 4 tires, replaced a ladder, greased more things than I am use to, had a windshield repaired, upgraded a battery bank, and installed an inverter.  And, the list is still twice as long as when we started.

IMG_4070   IMG_4067

I’m not complaining mind you, rather pointing out a fact that it is a never ending cycle.  However, we still find ourselves looking at every RV that passes to see what they have to improve what we already have.  Uniqueness, is that what we are after?  Sure, why not; we don’t want to be better, we just want to be unique.

At the moment, we have decided to let the outside remain original.  As soon as I can wash it thoroughly, repair all the dings and put about 6 coats of wax on this Mammoth, I may be happy……maybe! But there is absolutely no reason why we cannot decorate the inside to fit our personalities and our lives.

For the most part, every motorhome is designed the same way.  It is just a matter of repositioning or changing the quality of the materials.  So Jodi and I decided to make our motorhome……OUR home.

The large, overweight tube style televisions are gone and replaced with lightweight flat screens!  The 100 lb. swivel chair that sat behind the passenger seat has been replaced by a shoe caddy.  The drab colored pleather couch has been covered with a nice quilt.

Shoe StorageCouch

The dinette with four chairs is gone a 6 foot folding table with four chairs replaces it. The chairs stow inside the table, freeing up space beneath the bed for additional storage.  The folding table can easily be carried outside if needed there.

All of the spices have been removed from the shelves and cupboards and relocated to the wall?  A couple of cookie sheets painted to our liking and magnets glued to the bottom of a few small tins and we never have to search through a box of spices.


Take a filing cabinet and fasten a piece of wood on the top……presto, you have an end table with functionality.  With a little bit of ingenuity and a can of spray paint and you have unique.

IMG_3770   File Cabinet

Necessity and imagination.  One project after another, is a way of life when you put your house on wheels.  Sometimes you will surprise yourself, and sometimes you will wish you never had that thought; but it is all worth it!

Until next time, cheers…………….

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2 thoughts on “One Project After Another


    WOW !!!..The pics are really beautiful…I really enjoyed seeing how you changed things…The file cabinet was a great idea..Now that’s something I would of thought of…I’m still a very good crammer and thanks for the forwarding address…That is the first time you gave it to me..[ honest ]..It’s too late to send Jodi’s card, so PLEASE wish her a great Mother’s Day…Thanks…Right now Pop’s is fixing his toilet…the back screw’s that hold the tank on, fell off…Sure am glad he saw that …[ Picture that ]..John just painted the down stairs and seeing all the yukky water slidding down the walls…Oh mercy…Pop’s to the rescue…As for the RV, we went through the same thing with the truck camper..just not as ” big ” as yours..But, it was truly worth it…We sure did have some great times with that old camper…And, lot’s of memories…Well honey, gotta go and try getting some cleaning done before my back tells me to stop..We are going to Bogeys, for fish ..I’m really looking forward to that…Have a wonderful weekend, and be careful..Love and miss you both bunches…Ma..

  2. I really like the idea of the painted cookie sheets and magnetic spices. I think I would like to do something like this in my own kitchen at home to free a some cabinet space.

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