Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico

(Ken) May 7 – May 10, 2013.  If you weren’t looking for it, you would probably drive right by Kirtland AFB, New Mexico.  It is literally at the end of all the roads that go to the southeast of Albuquerque.  But, it is not advertised like most Air Force Bases throughout the country!

Retired from the Air Force, I have the privilege of staying at all US Military Family Campgrounds and Resorts in the world.  So, on our trek across the south, we decided to stay at Kirtland AFB’s Family Camp before we took that ‘right’ in Albuquerque and headed north.

Knowing it is an active Air Force Base, Jodi and me were quite surprised at the lack of personnel in uniform.  Whether we were out and about during slow times of the day, we didn’t see many uniformed personnel.  Traffic was heavy leaving the base mid-afternoon, but they seemed to all be civilian workers.  Maybe because of the number US Government Agencies homed on the base?

Nonetheless, the base was extremely clean, and all of the buildings seemed new.  From the Exchange to the Dormitories, they all looked great.  Even the housing looked modern and well kept.  Kudos to all who maintain Kirtland, AFB.

The FamCamp was located within easy access to one of the main gates on the east side of the base.  It’s as large as some FamCamps that we have stayed, but it wasn’t cramped either.  The view from the door; well I guess it could have been a bit nicer…….if we were staying on the edge of the Grand Canyon or on the rim of Niagra Falls!  Needless to say; it was just georgous.

Walk out the door of the RV and you are immediately met by a view of the Sandia Mountains!  Standing at and average of 10,000 feet above sea level and towering 5,000 feet above us, this was your front yard! Just spectacular.  We could have stayed there for another week and just stared.

What was really nice, is the natural weather barrier they created.  We sat one afternoon in shorts and t-shirts in a doughnut hole of sunshine while a weather front hit the top of the mountains and broke up the clouds just enough to surround us.  Rain or snow on the peaks, sunshine and warmth on us, and rain showers to west!

Until next time…………………cheers.

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One thought on “Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico

  1. Interesting – Pete is rated at 100% and we both have ID cards with MWR on it so I think we could stay at these campgrounds too. Great to know! 🙂

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