Maxwell Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico

(Ken) May 11 – 12, 2013.  By choice, if you will, Jodi and I decided to get off of the beaten path!  About half way between Albuquerque, NM. and Colorado Springs, CO. lies Maxwell Wildlife Refuge and we had a few days to kill.

During the drive in from Interstate 25 we received plenty of stares.  Once at the main entrance, we found ourselves on a narrow gravel road that seemed to have been used by a bulldozer or recently used as a washboard!  One and a half miles at 5 –10 miles per hour seemed to take an hour.

We stopped at the Welcome Center/Park Office, but found it locked.  Odd for a National Wildlife Refuge; but Jodi had called and we confirmed our stay.  We picked up a park map and proceeded to the camping area.

The camping area was small, but we were the only ones there so we had our pick.  Once we located the most level area, we set up and began our relaxing weekend!

Boon docking on the high plain skirted by the Rocky Mountains to the west was absolutely beautiful.  If it weren’t for the fact the area was in the midst of a three year drought, it would have been the perfect location.  We made the best of it nonetheless; enjoying the isolation and nothing but the sounds of nature.

The only curiosity that rose from a motorhome parked in a wildlife refuge came from the animals.  Numerous variety of birds hovered by the windows to check us out and the jackrabbits enjoyed the shade it provided.  A herd of Mule Deer kept their distance but the snake made his presence known by a slow slither right down the middle of the road.

I think we could have enjoyed being out there longer, but we had to be in Colorado Springs for a conference, so we packed up and headed north.  Still looking forward to the next Wildlife Refuge we find on the way!

Until next time………………..cheers.

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