The Critters You See Along the Way

(Ken) June 9, 2013.  When taking a trip and traveling along the highway you tend to see the typical wildlife; horses in the pasture, cows grazing in the fields and the occasional deer.  But when you take a long road trip as Jodi and I did; you would be amazed at what you come across!

I am putting this montage together for the ‘Wow’ factor.  We like to visit zoos and see all of the animals we never come across; but the following is comprised of pictures that either Jodi or I have take with our very own camera.  Wait, there’s more; because there have been times when we have either forgotten to take our camera on a hike or a float, or simply missed the opportunity to take a picture.

Other critters that we have had the opportunity witness in the wild:

A Black Bear and Grey Wolf crossing in front of the motorhome as we drove through Sylvan Pass entering Yellowstone National Park; a young Bull Moose eating berries while hiking around Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Forest; and the biggest Beaver I have ever seen popping up out of the water and scaring the living daylights out of me and River Otters playing while kayaking down the Buffalo Fork River in Moran, WY.

With all of the activities we would like to accomplish over the summer, we are hoping to see much more.  When we accumulate enough photos, we will post them in another blog entry for your pleasure, so until next time…………………………enjoy!

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