Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyoming

(Ken) May 24 – May 25, 2013.  While visiting Jim, Ashley and our Grandchildren at F.E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne, Wyoming we decided to stay in town over Memorial Day Weekend rather than drive across the state to Yellowstone National Park.

Instead of driving for two days, we decided to stay local and visit Curt Gowdy State Park.  Personally, I think this was a wonderful idea because it gave us more time to spend with them and the babies.

On the first visit to the park, we all wanted to hike the trails and climb the ‘hills.’  So we set out early for the 30-minute drive to the park.  It was the beginning of a holiday weekend and the weather was great – it was going to be crowded!

Jim took us on a fantastic scenic route through the park before we stopped at the main reservoir.  He wanted to show us a few of the highlights within the park before we stopped.  It was a wonderful drive on a warm sunny morning.

When we arrived at the reservoir, we were able to park in an empty lot right at the trail head.  The crowds had not arrived yet, so we had the entire trail to ourselves.  We were able to take our time and let the kids explore at will.

Once at the top of the highest point on the trail, we spread out a table-cloth and all sat and had our lunch.  It was so peaceful sitting up there that a Mule Deer decided to join us.

From time to time, Jim and I let our inner child take over and we just had to climb a rock formation.  Even Ashley and  little James got into the act a time or two.  It was so enjoyable to spend the time with them; doing things we all enjoyed.

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After the climb down, we followed along a finger of the reservoir.  If the water hadn’t been so cold, I think we would have taken a swim.  But the rock formations on either side awe-inspiring enough.

It was at this point that Jim and I decided to spend some father/son time and return the following day and take our kayaks out on the reservoir.  Unfortunately, someone forgot to bring the camera with him (only Jimmy would have forgotten MY camera……kids) and we were unable to take any photos.

We still had a wonderful time on the water together and could have spent all day out there.  But, a weather front rolled in and the water got real rough for our 7-foot kayaks.  So when we decided to call it a day, we headed back to the base for a brew and a BBQ.

The two days at Curt Gowdy State Park was a wonderful time.  An escape for anyone living in or near the city.  It’s places like this, little niches along the way that are too often missed.  In comparison to other State and National parks within the area, it is quite small, but we could have spent all week there!

So, until next time my friends………….Cheers!

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