Max Overload!

(Ken) August 19, 2013.  Well, we did it! We have overloaded our 100 gigabite limit on in just 6 months.  Hard to believe we have done so much already; and really haven’t posted anything that we’ve experienced while in the Grand Teton’s.  And, the year isn’t done yet; we have two more stops and plenty of road between them before the first year comes to a close.

We also found out, that every photo posted on the blog is linked only to the blog’s media library.  The pictures on the blog posts are not actually in the post, but linked directly to the media library.  Therefore, when you delete a photo from the library…..yep…….they are deleted from the posts as well.  Fortunately we found this out early in the “delete process” while creating the next post to the blog.

Since we cannot link our photos to another web site or photograph storage site for less than we can create our own web site – you guessed it – Jodi and I are elbows deep into the ‘Create your own web site – for Dummies’ book and are in the process of creating our own web site. should be up and functioning soon.  It is currently under construction with minimal information.  We hope to be able to transfer all of the previous posted adventures to the new web site very soon (because I would hate to have to rewrite them!)  I think the cut and paste option would have me pulling out what hair I have left!

So, until next time……………………….Cheers.

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