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Turn Out the Lights………..

(Ken) September 18, 2013…….because my friends this party is over!

The Party's Over

Not in the way you may think the party would be over, rather the party at:

…….because we have over-stuffed our garage, litteraly! allocated us only so much space to create our blog and now that we have filled it to the brim, they would gladly charge us a nominal fee for more space.  However, as resourceful as Jodi is; she found that we could create our Over stuffedvery own website with unlimited space, purchase our very own website name for cheaper than we could purchase 10 gigabytes of space.   So instead of paying $100.00 for every 10 gig we needed, we are going to spend $85.00 a year for unlimited space!

Movin ' On

Our new web site is up and ready to be updated with our new adventures.  So please, if you are still interested in following us as we travel the country, simply click on this link:

You will notice that all of our old information has been transferred to the new website and we have kept the same background theme for continuity!


So……this will be the final post on the site, and we hope you decide to follow us to the website.  You can also select to have e-mail messages sent to you everytime we update our blog.

Until we meet again my friends (at…………Cheers!


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