Ken and Jodi Himes (475x640)     Hello there, we are Ken and Jodi and we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and the rest of the world!  As the blog title states, we are literally ‘Meandering’ around this beautiful country as full-time RV’ers searching for our ‘Mayberry!’  Our perfect little niche in the United States that offers everything we want to call our home.  Sure, we can scour the internet and find the place all the ‘experts’ call the perfect place to live; but what fun would that be?

We want the adventure, the experience and the knowing that we saw everything there was to see along the way and chose that one place.  Experienced as we are, we know nothing is as perfect as planned; but we want to experience the adventure – finding the world’s largest ball of twine or the world’s largest ketchup bottle along the way! Whether we find ‘Mayberry’ in our first week or in our fifteenth year, we are prepared to share it all with you; both, to show that it IS possible and to let everyone know that we are still experiencing life to the fullest!


Now that you know what we are going to do, how about a little bit about how we got here!  Ken, born in Youngstown, Ohio is a Retired Air Force Master Sergeant where he had the opportunity to work as a Telecommunications Operations Specialist primarily in the Communications Security and Systems Administration fields.  During his 20+ years in the Air Force, he was fortunate to be stationed in many wonderful locations.  After Basic Training and his initial Technical Training in Texas, he was shipped off to the British Isles.

Ken spent 3 years at RAF Chicksands, Bedfordshire, England where he had his first taste of international culture and was introduced to the game of darts (that’s a whole other story!).  He spent the next four and a half years in Washington D.C. stationed at the Pentagon.  From Washington, he was off to Germany and Sembach AB for 4 years; located outside the city of Kaiserslautern just east of France/Germany boarder.  Next, he was back to England stationed at RAF Croughton, Norhamptonshire for another 4 years.  After 8 years in Europe, it was back to America and stationed at MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL. where he stayed until his retirement.

Having the opportunity to travel to the many wonderful locations throughout Europe, the US Government also found it necessary to send him to various locations throughout Africa and the Middle east from time to time!  Upon his retirement from the Air Force, he returned to Northeast Ohio, but the travel bug had already had a foothold and was instilled deep within.


     Jodi, was born in Chardon; the snow capital of Ohio!  (One of her many incentives to travel to warmer climates!)  She was a computer programmer for over 15 years who hung up her keyboard and opened her own day-care business.  With her kids growing older, she quenched her need for young ones while putting a few coins in her pocekt at the same time.  After a successful run in the day-care business and her youngest away in college; it was time to roll!

From her programming day, she is a meticulous researcher and planner and when she discovered RV’ing full-time was not only plausible, it was possible; the wheels on the bus were set in motion per se.  She found that RV’ing full-time and working along the way would enable us to see the country on our own terms and eventually lead us to our ‘Mayberry!’  Step one; put the house up for sale and get rid of all the “stuff” we had buried in closets and the attic we hadn’t seen in years!

In October 2012, we sold our house and purchased our 2003 Monaco LaPalma, a 36′ motorhome we will call home!  We rented a small appartment for six months to get all of our ducks in a row and readied ourselves for life on the road.  So, come join us along the way; in our search to find our ‘Mayberry!’


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Jeri Lynn

    Love you guys and can’t wait to experience it all with you! Seriously, I’m coming!

  2. Welcome to the world of full timing. Its fun its exciting and sometimes challenging. The world is in your feet to discover again and again.

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