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Turn Out the Lights………..

(Ken) September 18, 2013…….because my friends this party is over!

The Party's Over

Not in the way you may think the party would be over, rather the party at:

…….because we have over-stuffed our garage, litteraly! allocated us only so much space to create our blog and now that we have filled it to the brim, they would gladly charge us a nominal fee for more space.  However, as resourceful as Jodi is; she found that we could create our Over stuffedvery own website with unlimited space, purchase our very own website name for cheaper than we could purchase 10 gigabytes of space.   So instead of paying $100.00 for every 10 gig we needed, we are going to spend $85.00 a year for unlimited space!

Movin ' On

Our new web site is up and ready to be updated with our new adventures.  So please, if you are still interested in following us as we travel the country, simply click on this link:

You will notice that all of our old information has been transferred to the new website and we have kept the same background theme for continuity!


So……this will be the final post on the site, and we hope you decide to follow us to the website.  You can also select to have e-mail messages sent to you everytime we update our blog.

Until we meet again my friends (at…………Cheers!


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Max Overload!

(Ken) August 19, 2013.  Well, we did it! We have overloaded our 100 gigabite limit on in just 6 months.  Hard to believe we have done so much already; and really haven’t posted anything that we’ve experienced while in the Grand Teton’s.  And, the year isn’t done yet; we have two more stops and plenty of road between them before the first year comes to a close.

We also found out, that every photo posted on the blog is linked only to the blog’s media library.  The pictures on the blog posts are not actually in the post, but linked directly to the media library.  Therefore, when you delete a photo from the library…..yep…….they are deleted from the posts as well.  Fortunately we found this out early in the “delete process” while creating the next post to the blog.

Since we cannot link our photos to another web site or photograph storage site for less than we can create our own web site – you guessed it – Jodi and I are elbows deep into the ‘Create your own web site – for Dummies’ book and are in the process of creating our own web site. should be up and functioning soon.  It is currently under construction with minimal information.  We hope to be able to transfer all of the previous posted adventures to the new web site very soon (because I would hate to have to rewrite them!)  I think the cut and paste option would have me pulling out what hair I have left!

So, until next time……………………….Cheers.

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The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone – Part #2

The roar of the water as it crashed to the bottom caused us to have to shout to one another as we descended the 500+ steps to the observation platform.

A free fall of 308 feet to the bottom is nearly twice as high as Niagara Falls and just as loud when you are near.  A beautiful sight and a wonderful experience just the same.

Snapping awesome photos, one after another we prepared ourselves for the return trip to the top.  One step at a time you say to yourself until you can no longer breath.  Then take a break and do it again and again.  It seemed to take forever to reach the top.

Our hike back to the car was through a dense patch of trees and protected us from the wind and rain and snow if it had started.  We worked up a sweat that quickly chilled us when we cleared the trees.  The last day of May, and we had the heater on full blast in the car to warm us!

We continued down the south rim road to Inspiration and Artist Points before heading over to the north rim.  Our legs were still weary from the staircase climb so we opted not to take the trail down into the canyon from the north side.

After taking what seemed like thousands of pictures we drove up through Canyon Village Camp Grounds just to check them out and headed back to our camp ground at Bay Bridge.

A short detour through Fishing Bridge Village for some dinner groceries and we were on the road again.  Our legs feeling wobbly and numb made us glad to be able to relax for the evening.

Two days in Yellowstone National Park is definitely not long enough time to take in the whole park.  But we are only going to be an hour away all summer long, we knew we would be back.

So until our return trip…………..Cheers.

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The Original Mayberry

(Ken) April 6, 2013 – April 9, 2013.  We left Smithville, OH before nine in the morning; and after a propane fill-up, a waste dump and a weigh-in (almost 900 lbs. below maximum weight) – we were on our way south!  When you are Meandering to Mayberry, what better place to start your adventures than in the inspirational town to the real Mayberry – Mt. Airy, NC.

Taking Interstate 77 south seemed simple enough; well, that is, until the mountains of West Virginia and Virginia came into play.  Now I have a full understanding of the slow lane to the right!  Nearly 13 tons isn’t easy to pull up a long hill, and by the time we pulled into Stone Mountain State Park, NC. the RV was ready for a much-needed rest.  So we checked in, set up, ate a quick dinner and crashed for the night; cuz we were visiting Mayberry in the morning.

The morning found us surrounded by beautiful mountains and crisp cool air.  We were in a valley of wonderful smelling pines and perfectly harmonizing song birds; and after a few cups of coffee we were setting off to see Mayberry.

After a short 30 minute drive to Mt. Airy from the camp site, we were in the heart of the original Mayberry.  Hometown  of Andy Griffith himself.  We parked the car and walked Main St.  From Wally’s Service Station to Floyd’s City Barbershop and around the corner to the City Jail.  Though Mt. Airy was not exactly how we saw Mayberry on television, one can definitely see where the inspiration came from.  The old buildings, and the houses on the lanes.  And the house Andy Griffith grew up in is a big draw attraction since it was purchased by a local hotel and is rented out on the weekends.

The bronze statue stands outside the Andy Griffith Theater and the Andy Griffith Museum.  The museum was donated in part through a collection of memorabilia of a close childhood friend of Andy’s.  Enough Andy Griffith memorabilia that Andy’s wife Cindi thought it odd.   When the network heard about the museum, they were glad to donate as well.

People are friendly, and they still wash their cars on the street.  The diners were full and the food is the reason; Mt. Airy or Mayberry, almost the same today as it was yesterday.

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Hitting the Road!

(Ken) We finally did it; loaded everything we owned into our motorhome and hit the open road! It’s taken us just over a year to reach our goal, but be have achieved it with high expectations and one hell of a sense of adventure! Jodi and I have worked hard to make this happen and now we get to enjoy the spoils of our labor. So, on Saturday, March 30, 2013 we started the engine and rolled on down the road!

PilotAfter a quick pit stop at the local Pilot to fill the tank and get our total weight we would be off!  After the $160.00 in the tank, one of MY largest fears was the weight.  We loaded a lot of ‘stuff’ into the motorhome and some extras to be delivered and I didn’t want the adventure to end the first day.  Maximum allowable combined weight for the motorhome and towed vehicle: 26,000 lbs.  Drum roll please;…….we weighed in at 26,180 lbs.  Honestly, I don’t think we could have come that close if we would have weighed everything individually as we put it in.

76-80 SignKnowing we were going to be off-loading a few large items at the first stop and Jodi and I wanting to lose a few extra pounds anyway, we double checked the air in the tires and decided to push on! It was about 3:00 P.M. with the sun shining bright, what else could we have asked for?  First stop would be Smithville, OH. to drop some heavy items at Jodi’s dads place and to have a few upgrades done to the motorhome.

We decided to stop at the rest area about 30 miles down I-76 to double-check everything.  With everything good – tie downs on the car, air in the tires of the RV and tow dolly, we were back on the interstate!

Travelling at the warp speed of 60 MPH for a number of reasons: #1. Safety – driving 13 tons down the highway just doesn’t seem easy to stop on a dime; #2. Save fuel – it isn’t getting any cheaper; and #3. Calculating time – when traveling one mile every minute, makes it real easy to figure out how long it takes to go 100 miles!  Contrary to other driving styles and the habits of others, we still made the trip to Smithville, OH. in just about 70 minutes.

Smithville Sign We arrived just after 4:00 P.M. and had all the disconnecting, levelling and hook-ups completed by 5:00.  I was time to let the relaxation begin!  Hardly…the inside of the motorhome was stacked high with boxes and stuff that needed to be put away.  We had a nice dinner with Ken & Ann before returning to the RV to try to find the bed!

About 3 minutes later we were down for the count!  We woke in the wee hours of Easter Sunday and continued where we left off.  We have tackled a lot of the boxes and most everything has found a space (after making multiple donations to Ken and Ann’s ‘Wayne County Flea Market’).  We will keep you posted and take pictures when we are done!  Until next time………..



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