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Our experiences of trial and error as new full-time Rv’ers. Learning the ropes.

Turn Out the Lights………..

(Ken) September 18, 2013…….because my friends this party is over!

The Party's Over

Not in the way you may think the party would be over, rather the party at:

…….because we have over-stuffed our garage, litteraly! allocated us only so much space to create our blog and now that we have filled it to the brim, they would gladly charge us a nominal fee for more space.  However, as resourceful as Jodi is; she found that we could create our Over stuffedvery own website with unlimited space, purchase our very own website name for cheaper than we could purchase 10 gigabytes of space.   So instead of paying $100.00 for every 10 gig we needed, we are going to spend $85.00 a year for unlimited space!

Movin ' On

Our new web site is up and ready to be updated with our new adventures.  So please, if you are still interested in following us as we travel the country, simply click on this link:

You will notice that all of our old information has been transferred to the new website and we have kept the same background theme for continuity!


So……this will be the final post on the site, and we hope you decide to follow us to the website.  You can also select to have e-mail messages sent to you everytime we update our blog.

Until we meet again my friends (at…………Cheers!


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Max Overload!

(Ken) August 19, 2013.  Well, we did it! We have overloaded our 100 gigabite limit on in just 6 months.  Hard to believe we have done so much already; and really haven’t posted anything that we’ve experienced while in the Grand Teton’s.  And, the year isn’t done yet; we have two more stops and plenty of road between them before the first year comes to a close.

We also found out, that every photo posted on the blog is linked only to the blog’s media library.  The pictures on the blog posts are not actually in the post, but linked directly to the media library.  Therefore, when you delete a photo from the library…..yep…….they are deleted from the posts as well.  Fortunately we found this out early in the “delete process” while creating the next post to the blog.

Since we cannot link our photos to another web site or photograph storage site for less than we can create our own web site – you guessed it – Jodi and I are elbows deep into the ‘Create your own web site – for Dummies’ book and are in the process of creating our own web site. should be up and functioning soon.  It is currently under construction with minimal information.  We hope to be able to transfer all of the previous posted adventures to the new web site very soon (because I would hate to have to rewrite them!)  I think the cut and paste option would have me pulling out what hair I have left!

So, until next time……………………….Cheers.

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Back at the Keyboard!


(Ken) June 30, 2013.  HELLO again everybody! No, we didn’t drive off of a cliff or get eaten by bears.  But, a thousand and one apologies to all who are following; we have been very busy this month.  Jodi and I arrived at Luton’s Teton Cabins on June 1, 2013 to start our first ever work camping jobs and we haven’t slowed down yet!  Between working (which is located in one of the most scenic locations in the country) and adventures in Grand Teton National Park, I (we) simply haven’t made time to sit and write.

Now that we have completely settled in, and are m our time managing our time better, I believe we will be able to get caught up on the past six weeks of our journey.  We have been fortunate to do and see plenty since Colorado Springs (both good and bad) and we will attempt update you in the coming days.

Upcoming posts will include emergency maintenance, family visits and being on the road to hiking, kayaking, and biking the Teton’s.  So, stay tuned and until next time………….cheers!

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Did Someone Say Road Trip!?

(Ken) April 1 – June 1, 2013.  Sixty days and about 4,500 miles later, we have made it to our first work camping job at Luton’s Teton Cabins in Moran, Wyoming!

From the day we left Youngstown, OH.; we knew we were going to take the scenic route and visit friends and family along the way.  But, who travels from Ohio to Wyoming via Florida and New Mexico?  Well, we do of course!

With kids in North Carolina, Florida and Wyoming, and friends in Louisiana; it was only natural to take the route we did.  And knowing that we had sixty days to do it in, we took our good sweet time!  It was our point to take in and enjoy as much as we possibly could.

I could sit here and list all 14 states we’ve traveled in the last two months, but I think the pictures cover them all.  But the pictures don’t tell the stories we experienced along the way.  So, I would like to take a moment of your time and touch on a few.

I will tell you, the scenic route through the mountains and back woods of West Virginia is no place for a 36 foot motorhome towing a car!  Lets just say we survived what I thought was banjo music and my white knuckles regained some color about half way across South Carolina!

If you are looking for alligators, don’t look in Florida; it’s just too darn hot there so they all moved to Alabama! All of our ‘gator sighting only happened in Alabama.  And, don’t ever believe the person who says it never rains in Mississippi – BUCKETS!

Yes, Texas; everything is bigger in Texas, including the traffic jams and the nothingness!  If your not in a city in northern Texas, you are on the blacktop in the middle of nothing!  Seeing the glass half full – at least the roads were paved.


Crossing the boarder into New Mexico is like crossing into a different world.  Immediately after you enter the state; the terrain changes, the sky clears and the temperature cools.  Sorry, Texas; maybe the next time through we will see more than……nothing!

The drive north had the Rocky Mountains on our left from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Fort Collins, Colorado.  Good thing I was able to hear the camera shutter going behind me or I would have thought I left Jodi in Albuquerque!  She did get some great pictures from back there.


Cheyenne, Wyoming found us in the repair shop for two days.  A visit with family and some routine maintenance made us forget about the weather.  Highs in the 40’s with rain and sleet one day and 70’s and sunny the next.  But, where in the world did all that wind come from?

I truly believe it was the wind that made the nuts fall off the exhaust?  How odd, the bolts were not broken or stripped, but the nuts that held the exhaust pipe to the exhaust manifold; simply came off.  What was really nice, it was a $5.00 fix that only took me 20 minutes.

With a complete tune up on the engine and transmission; we were ready to tackle the Rocky Mountains!  Northwest we headed towards Thermopolis, Wyoming.  You can trust me when I say I was ready for a nice long soak in the Hot Springs!  Ahhhh, that was fantastic (as long as you held your nose… sulfur)!

With the rig and the body tuned, we were off to Yellowstone National Park.  Now, understand, Jodi and I have never been out west, but we knew the weather could change quickly when you get into the mountains.  But a flipping white-out snow storm on the 29th of May!  That made the drive through Sylvan Pass (8559 feet) quite interesting.

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears; oh my! Well not really, but the drive from the East Entrance to Bridge Bay camp ground produced Bison, a Black Bear, and a Grey Wolf.  We were really excited, until two Bison camped out next to our rig the first night.  You can only watch an animal graze for so long! But it was still pretty awesome.

The final two and a half hour drive from Yellowstone to Luton’s Teton Cabins was a beautiful day past the Grand Teton Mountain Range. A picture definitely does not do them justice.  The high jagged peaks covered in snow are stunning!


Arriving at our final destination, at least until September was a fantastic feeling.  Completing the first leg of our journey successfully is quite satisfying.  After 60 days and thousands of miles, we are ready for a long rest and an opportunity to catch up on all the blog entries we need to complete!

So until next time……………Cheers!

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RVSEF Conference: Colorado Springs, CO.

(Ken) May 14 – May 18, 2013.  Prior to hitting the road, Jodi and I decided to attend the Recreational Vehicle Safety and Education Foundation Conference in Colorado Springs, CO.  It was a perfect opportunity to learn more about RV’ing and be taught by the experts.

And…..since the conference wasn’t being held in Kentucky this year, it fell right on route we were taking to Cheyenne, WY. anyway.  With it being scheduled at the perfect time and in the perfect location (for us anyway) how could we not attend!

With the conference scheduled for Tuesday through Saturday, we arrive in Colorado Springs on Monday afternoon and were able to get a reservation at the Air Force Academy FamCamp for the night.  If you ever get the opportunity, we highly recommend a stay.  The grounds are well maintained and the location is beautiful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Knowing we were going to be boon docking in a parking lot for the next four nights, the stay at the Academy also gave us the opportunity to fully charge our batteries, completely empty our waste tanks, and overfill the fresh water tank.

Jodi had an RV driving lesson scheduled for 8:00 AM Tuesday morning, so we were up and out early.  Once we pulled into the large ‘unleveled’ parking lot where her lesson was to take place about ten gallons of fresh water proceeded pour out of the overflow!  What a way to meet the RVSEF Director, Walter Cannon.

The driving lesson went extremely well; once the water fall stopped.  Jodi’s apprehensions about driving and parking a large motorhome have waned some and I think she will be willing to take over some of the driving responsibilities.  Even though she has learned how to drive down a hill without using the breaks, she says she will drive just as soon as we get out of these steep mountains!?

After setting up and completion of the orientation meet & greet, Randy Biles, owner of Pikes Peak RV & resident RVSEF driving instructor had all of the instructors and conference attendees out to his dealership for a cookout.  If we haven’t said this prior: Thank You, Randy!  You, your wife and your staff put on a wonderful backyard barbeque.

The number of attendees at the conference was kept to a minimum providing optimal instructor/student interaction.  With three or four classes per session and four sessions per day, Jodi and me split up each morning with pen and paper in hand ready to absorb as much knowledge as possible.

From general RV maintenance to specific RV systems, from the emotional aspects of full-timing to the importance of proper tire pressure and fire safety; we learned as much as we could.  With each classroom setting being as small it was easy and convenient to speak with the experts one on one.

Oddly enough, though we had only been full-timing for 6 weeks at the time, and there were a number of attendees in the same planning situation we were in a year ago.  It was great answering their questions; especially with the information still so fresh in our memory.  While still feeling overwhelmed with our decision to go full-timing we were being asked questions as if we were the experts.

Not only being able to meet the industry experts and picking their brains about our specific scenarios, but meeting all of the attendees and discussing our indecisiveness and final decisions was a wonderful experience.  Meeting everyone was a joy and will definitely be memorable.

Attending the Good Sam’s Rally in Louisville, KY. last summer was a fantastic learning experience for us; but it was “large” and we only got to meet a few people.  Our recommendation is to attend a smaller conference like this.  You get to meet the experts and ALL of the attendees who share your same RV’ing lifestyle ideals.

With expert instructors like the 3 Gary’s (Bunzer, Motley & Wheeler); Mac the Fire Guy; RV Geeks on Tour; Bruce from RVIA, Jim and Sherry McGlynn and the RVSEF crew: Walter Cannon, Howard & Linda Payne and Randy Biles – we would recommend attending this conference every year!

So, before we close and head off up the highway to Cheyenne, WY. we would like to thank everyone for a wonderful week in Colorado Springs.  The knowledge we gained is invaluable and the people we’ve met will hopefully become friends for a very long time.

Until next time…………………Cheers

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