The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone – Part #2

The roar of the water as it crashed to the bottom caused us to have to shout to one another as we descended the 500+ steps to the observation platform.

A free fall of 308 feet to the bottom is nearly twice as high as Niagara Falls and just as loud when you are near.  A beautiful sight and a wonderful experience just the same.

Snapping awesome photos, one after another we prepared ourselves for the return trip to the top.  One step at a time you say to yourself until you can no longer breath.  Then take a break and do it again and again.  It seemed to take forever to reach the top.

Our hike back to the car was through a dense patch of trees and protected us from the wind and rain and snow if it had started.  We worked up a sweat that quickly chilled us when we cleared the trees.  The last day of May, and we had the heater on full blast in the car to warm us!

We continued down the south rim road to Inspiration and Artist Points before heading over to the north rim.  Our legs were still weary from the staircase climb so we opted not to take the trail down into the canyon from the north side.

After taking what seemed like thousands of pictures we drove up through Canyon Village Camp Grounds just to check them out and headed back to our camp ground at Bay Bridge.

A short detour through Fishing Bridge Village for some dinner groceries and we were on the road again.  Our legs feeling wobbly and numb made us glad to be able to relax for the evening.

Two days in Yellowstone National Park is definitely not long enough time to take in the whole park.  But we are only going to be an hour away all summer long, we knew we would be back.

So until our return trip…………..Cheers.

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One thought on “The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone – Part #2

  1. Thanks for sharing, yellowstone is amazing as it was the last time we saw it.

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